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Welcome, my dear gentleman...I'm Amelie, an exclusive courtesan , living in the city of Timisoara , Romania - a city with ageless architecture and people whose temper borrowed some of the mysticism of the place.

A few words about me now ... I'm 25ys old, 162 cm, 46 kg. My friends consider me a mixture of classical elegance and delicate sensuality, a sociable and very warm woman. I'm a very dynamic and adventuros person , and I am enjoying every moment of life.

I don't like simple things. Ambiguity and subtleness are the most interesting attributes of human relations,in my opinion.
My status is also ambiguous : I'm an economist (I have a MasterDegree in Economics), a ballet dancer ( I've been practising ballet since I was 12 ) and an escort.

Another words that define me are : affectionate, romantic, spontaneous, altruist, passional.

I will end this description now , because I don't want to become boring.You can find more about me by viewing the other pages of my website and...meeting me.

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